Are YOU and YOUR BUSINESS cut off from the TENS OF MILLIONS of Smart Phone Users looking for GOODS AND SERVICES on their phones at this very moment???

If you do not have a mobile version of your traditional website, you are losing customers right now. Why? Because more people will go online using their Smart Phones to specifically search for goods and services they need today than those going online with a PC, MAC or any other web enabled device. This is a real problem for people and businesses trying to sell their goods and services or get their message out to web surfers using just a traditional website.

There are two ways for you to solve this problem. You can solve it the wrong way and end up wasting your time and money, or solve it the right way and get instant access to millions more potential customers. The Choice is up to you...

The Wrong Way To Attract Mobile Users:

- Pay someone a small fortune to make your traditional website duel use so that it is 'mobile friendly.' It will look bad to non-mobile Users and worse to Smart Phone Users.

- Create a Mobile App(lication). Good Apps are expensive and do not offer all the features of a mobile website. Free or inexpensive Apps limit you to a just few pages and you cannot include as much information as you want or need to give to potential customers.

The Right Way To Attract Mobile Users:

- Build your own Mobile Web Site based on your own traditional website with the simple HTML we supply for just $10 (USD) which includes:

...A format page you can copy and paste to your HTML editor or directly to a blank page on your hosting site. Just add your own content and your mobile website is ready to go!

...Instant re-direction for Mobile Visitors from your traditional website to your mobile web site (all that's required is for you or your webmaster is to insert - copy and paste - a short java-script code we supply into the HEAD area of your website HTML). This will NOT affect visitors using non-mobile devices who wish to access your traditional website. They will continue to be able to access your website without interruption. Your current URL remains the same for both your traditional and mobile website.

...Easy instructions on how to create simple graphics for buttons and banners that will fit your mobile website.

If you are ready to take the plunge and access the almost unlimited number of potential mobile Customers looking for goods and services on their Smart Phones, click on the CREATE MY MOBILE WEBSITE button below. You will instantly be taken to Clickbank, our trusted card processor. They will safely and securely charge your credit card, debit card or paypal account for exactly $10 (U.S. Dollars) and not a penny more. We will never even have access to your card number, or paypal information.

After you have completed payment, you will be directed to a site with everything you need to create your own Mobile Website. Save that site under favorites and use it as often as you like to create as many mobile websites or pages as you need with all the content you wish to include for yourself or others.

By clicking on the button below and placing your order for a Mobile Website Authroing Kit, you automatically agree to purchase the digital content described above and understand that no refunds are possible. Thank you for your purchase.

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